Wings. Preparing spars

Started preparing components for the wings.

I decided to put primer on internal parts as many of them will be exposed to weather, especially flaperon hinges and rear spar. I’m also going to put primer on rib’s flanges and on the internal skin where it contacts other surfaces.

Fully completed forward spar (Page 14-01, steps 1-4)

Prepared most of the rear spar.

W-1212 HINGE ASSEMBLY gave me some trouble – the bearing became tight after riveting.

Sent a question to VANs about the issue.

I think it is not a big trouble. The bearing is still moving, although it is tight. I think they should use AN426AD4-5 instead of AN426AD4-6. Longer rivets make the housing to deform a little and cause the bearing to become tight or bind. The entire design of the hinge assembly is flawed.

I have discussed the issue with a counsellor from SAAA. He thinks it is ok to leave the hinge as is. I agree with him. Lets see what VANS say.

Spent 15 hours

Update: Received the reply from VANS regarding tight bearing. They basically said it is ok that it is tight, as long as it moves. So I leave it as is.

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