Firewall Forward

I have decided to build my own firewall forward setup that is largely based on the VANs design.

The reason is simple – I can’t afford the the FWF kit from VANs.

So bought a secondhand Rotax 912ULS engine, engine mounts from VANs and source the rest of the components locally.

I have purchased the engine from a flight training school with nearly 2000 hours on it. Compression check showed good numbers and it looks like the engine has been well maintained.

Links with pictures for the FWF


Exhaust System


Electric system


Voltage Regulator

Great articles on the subject of Voltage Regulators:


Starter Relay

  • OEM part number Denso 182800-1950 ~ $100 US
  • Original Rotax part number 992 819 ~$130 US
  • Preferred option is Lawn Mower starter for $20


Oil Pressure sensor


Oil Temperature sensor (same as CHT/coolant sensor)

  • Rotax part number 965351
  • VDO 323-801-010-001D (most likely)