My RV-12 Instrument Panel

Avionics is the second most expensive part of this plane.

Since I’m building the plane under E-AB rules (not E-SLA), I’m free to chose whatever engine and avionics I like.

To be honest, I really like the standard Dynon SkyView option provided by VANs as a part of the kit, however its price ($14000 USD) makes me to think about alternatives.

The alternatives include DIY avionics.  I have started a new website where I publish results of my work with experimental avionics. Maybe someone else will find it useful. Please visit www.ExperimentalAvionics.com


Some notes on electric system of my aircraft


  1. Comms – 5A
  2. Transponder – 10A
  3. Avionics – 3A
  4. Lighting – Strobes – 2A
  5. Lighting – Landing – 7A
  6. Autopilot – 5A
  7. USB bus – 5A
  8. Aux bus – 5A


Wiring diagram will evolve from this (Taken from http://www.loeff.de)



Other options I have explored:

Expensive options:

Dynon SkyView

RV12_Dual_Dynon_SkyviewVANs recommended option, can be purchased from them. Includes practically everything
Dynon SkyView D1000 (ready-to-install unit includes 10″ Display, SV-ADAHRS-200 Attitude reference module, SV-XPNDR-261 Mode S
Transponder, SV-GPS-250 GPS receiver, SV-BAT-320 Backup battery, SV-EMS-220 Engine Instrumentation Module w/probes, SV-SYNVIS-
280 Synthetic Vision Module, SV-MAP-270 Moving Map software with USA FAA Navigation Database.)
Garmin GTR-200 Com radio/stereo Intercom, ACK E-04 ELT, Switch/fuse panels and control units, Wiring harnesses

$14000 USD for the lot.

If purchased separately…

10″ Display $3,389
SV-ADAHRS-200 Attitude reference module $1,175
SV-XPNDR-261 Mode S Transponder $2,095
SV-GPS-250 GPS receiver $199
SV-BAT-320 Backup battery $178
SV-EMS-220 Engine Instrumentation Module w/probes $589
SV-SYNVIS-280 Synthetic Vision Module $100
SV-MAP-270 Moving Map $495
Garmin GTR-200 Com radio/stereo Intercom $1,295
ACK E-04 ELT $1000
Switch/fuse panels and control units $300
Wiring harnesses $300
Total $11,115

Not sure why I have almost $4000 difference….


Dynon D180


Garmin G3x

VANS offers G3x option, with pretty much all the important stuff included

Garmin G3X Touch system: includes GDU 460 10.6” infrared touchscreen display with built-in WAAS GPS receiver, video input and wireless Connext capability, GTX 23 ES transponder, GEA 24 engine monitor, GMU 22 magnetometer, GSU 25 ADAHRS, GA 26 GPS antenna, TCW backup battery, Garmin GTR 200 10w Com radio with stereo intercom, 3d audio, standby frequency monitoring, integrated G3X control
ACK E-04 ELT, Switch/fuse panels and control unit, Wiring harnesses and mounting hardware


$15300 USD


MGL Explorer or Odyssey





GRT has developed great positive reputation recently. It may be a way to go for me. Need to do some work on $$$ vs features.

Large-Screen Simple VFR Flying with Remote Avionics Price Part No.
Single 10.4” HXr EFIS System with mapping, single AHRS & wiringSingle Sport SX 8.4″ System6.5” Dual SX Screens, Single AHRS $5,650$2,800$4,200 HXR10A1-PKG…
Basic EIS Engine Monitor package for Lycoming- Includes EGT/CHT, OT, OP $1,000 EIS-4K-LYC-BAS-PKG
Trig TT22 Remote Mode-S Transponder (Certified ADS-B Out) $2,200 TRIG-TT22-SC
PS-Engineering M760REM Remote Com $1,240 PS-M760
PS-Engineering PRI30EX 4-place High-Fidelity Stereo Remote Intercom $430 PS-PRI30
Total GRT order: $10,795$7,945$9,345 .


iLevil – iPad based EFIS

Really cool solution. It basically does everything you want with iPad. It connects to an iPad or iPhone via WiFi and provides all the information to the software. http://aviation.levil.com/ilevil-2-aw.html

Costs about $1400 plus the cost of iPads and software for them (OZRunways, AvPlan or similar) List of compatible software: http://aviation.levil.com/compatible-apps.html


Steam gauges options

It may be a good option, but I’m an electronics nerd. I’d rather build EFIS myself than resort to old fashion dials.
I may have a few non-TSO steam gauges installed as a backup, such as Altimeter, ASI, and magnetic compass

Altimeter US$200
ASI US$165
Magnetic Compass USD$150