Places where I buy tools and other plane stuff:


Aeroparts Melbourne
03 9769 5509

Aircraft Propellers and Spares (Aust) P/L – Moorabbin
(03) 9580-2034

Airport Metals (Aircraft metals) – sheet metal, tubing etc. Min order $100 🙁

QED Hardware (Dent Aviation) NSW – (02) 4655-1514

LAS Aerospace (UK) (Reasonable delivery charges)

Brown Tools USA

Avery Tools USA – no longer in business


Aircraft Spruce USA – Most expensive of them all, but they have everything

Cleavland Tools
They are even more expensive than Aircraft spruce and shipping cost is misleading and 10-15% more than Aircraft Spruce


Places where I get wisdom and learn on someone else’s mistakes:

Fiberglass work

Absolutely awesome collection of videos on metalwork and other plane building stuff from EAA


RV-12 build log of a guy who builds it the way I plan to. I.e. Viking engine, alternative fuel tanks etc.

Another builder experimenting with fuel tanks. I like his design even more than Viking pipe-tanks

Nice description of the tools required for building an RV plane.

Great builders log for RV-12 and RV-10

Nice detailed RV-12 builder’s log

Another very nice and detailed RV-12 blog

Schmetterling Aviation – really good RV-12 blog

Really good RV-9 bulder’ log with lots of useful links


Summary of the RV12 wing assembly pitfalls and important notes


Rivet installation guidelines


Aluminium datasheets

Stuff for the time when I have the plane build

Foldable jerry can

… and how it is connected


Some ideas for my DIY avionics

Audio switch base on bus-switch IC:

Lots of really cool open-source avionics

Big discussion about the DIY aircraft gauges on

Interesting video of almost completed DIY EFIS

Lots of different displays (LCD, OLED, etc)