Propeller options for Rotax 912ULS engine


Model Specs Price (new). AUD exch. rate 0.66 USD (Feb 2020) Delivery to AU: $300USD
Sensenich 2AO

2-blade ground adjustable 2A0R5/R70E Rev. F

Carbon Fiber

Default option for RV12 kit


Diameter: 70″

$1850 USD From Sensenich
Estimated delivered AU: $3600 AUD$2150 USD From Vans (including spinner and hardware)
Estimated delivered AU: $4100 AUD

3-blade Ground adjustable

Carbon Fiber
3B0R5R68C (?)

Weight: 10lb

Diameter: 64-68″

$2825 USD From Vans (including spinner and hardware)
Estimated delivered AU: $5200 AUD
Catto Prop

3 blade fixed.

Wood + Composite



 $4500 USD including spinner and hardware
Estimated delivered AU: $8000 AUD
Kiev Prop

3 blade, ground adjustable.

Available options:
– spinner (hub fairing) Ø 226 mm (8,9″),
– spacer (distance separator) of 15 mm (0.6″), 30 mm (1.2″), 40mm (1.55″), 57 mm (2.25″) or 80mm (3.1″).

Weight: ~8.2lb

Diameter: 63″, 67″ 70″

 $1750 AUD delivered to Australia
 Bolly Props



Diameter: 68″, 72″

 3 blade Bolly Optima Series 3 blades, hub & hardware

~$1800 AUD

72″ prop is actually 70″ due to small hub

 Luga Prop, aka KOOL Prop

Also known as NR Props

Suitable models R104, R106


 Weight: 4.4 Kg (9.7lb)

Diameter: 1750mm (69″)

 Warp Drive


Props performance analysis and reviews

Props comparison at

Props review and pitch adjustment at


Ended up with buying and installing 3-blade Bolly Prop

The prop’s rotating disk seems to be too close to the nose gear.

Suspect that the Sensenich prop hub is much thicker than the Bolly Prop bub

Need to find out the thickness of the bottom half of the Sensenich hub