Engine Options

Notes regarding the engine

It is a bit early for me to think about the engine. Nevertheless I decided to start collecting information about my options in this regard. The main reason for me to look around is that the VAN’s recommended engine is extremely expensive for my liking.

The recommended engine – Rotax 912 ULS – costs $27750 USD on VANs website. (Including firewall-forward stuff)

If I were to order it now (August 2016) it would cost me about $43000 AUD including shipment to Australia and all the custom duties. Ouch!!!

Rotax 912 ULS Jabiru/Camit Viking 110 Aeromomentum AM15 UL260iS O-200*
Price (just the engine) 28000 USD
37300 AUD
13500 USD
18000 AUD
12000 USD
16000 AUD
12000 USD
16000 AUD
21000 AUD
12000 AUD
 FWF stuff  ~12000 USD
included above
6000 USD
8000 AUD
6000 USD
8000 AUD
6000 USD
8000 AUD
 6000 USD
8000 AUD
 6000 USD
8000 AUD
 Delivery to Australia, MEL #  5500 AUD  1000 AUD 4000 AUD 4000 AUD  4500 AUD  1000 AUD
 Total $  42800 AUD  27000 AUD  28000 AUD  28000 AUD  33500 AUD  21000 AUD
 Weight with accessories  82 kg  81 kg  102 kg  90 kg  73 kg ???  100 kg
 Fuel injection  No  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
 Dual ignition  Yes  Yes  No  No  Yes  Yes
 Cooling  Liquid  Air  Liquid  Liquid  Air  Air


* – used engine
# – including import taxes


Here are my options:

Rotax 912 ULS secondhand

Vans can exclude the engine from the Engine Kit that will reduce the cost by $15750 USD.
That makes FWF kit cost about $19000 AUD delivered.
So to make the cost similar to Jabiru.Camit/Viking options I need to find a used Rotax for about 10000 AUD. Not sure if it is possible,

Possible candidate:

564***4 was produced 06-Feb-2007


 912 ULS2


  • without fuel lines
  • UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
  • without vacuum pump
  • with green valve covers
  • without mech. tachom. pick up
  • without external generator
  • without air guide baffle
  • with std. temperatur sensors
  • with nipple conn. for oil pump
  • with expansion tank
  • without air box
  • without engine truss
  • starter large



Viking 110 – my engine of choice at this stage.


The engine is conversion from the well known Honda engine installed on Honda Fit (called Honda Jazz in Australia). As far as I understand it is L15A engine.

The engine seems to be around for about two-three years. At this stage all reports on the internet are positive.

Engine cost $12000 USD.

Firewall-forward kit for RV-12 is another $6000 USD

Engine monitor – Viking View – $1400 USD. or DIY ~$300 AUD

So all up $17400 USD.

My concerns:

The engine has not been around long enough. As far as I know there are maybe a dozen of people with 200-300 hours on the engine. So reliability is not confirmed yet. I guess by the time I’m ready for the engine installation there will be much more statistic information available.

Update October 2015:

It looks like Viking changed the core for the engine. They use different Honda engine now, apparently lighter and more powerful. They also include dual ignition as an option. The price has come up to $12000. Not sure if they started delivering the engine.







There are a few engines with 100-110HP.

Model HP Weight, kg Comment Price Euro
UL260i 97 72.3 Fuel: Auto 95 14700
UL260iS 107 72.3 Fuel: Auto 98 15800
UL350i 118 78.4 Fuel: Auto 95 18800
UL350iS 130 78.4 Fuel: Auto 98 19600


It looks like ULpower USA has something to do with making FWF kits for RV12. http://www.ulpower.net/

This is the picture gallery of the guy who makes the FWF kit https://picasaweb.google.com/111690756223683866568/ScrapbookPhotos

I’m chaising this up at the moment.

There is a company in Australia importing these engines http://corvusaero.com.au/UL-Power.html

As of August 2015 the UL260is is $20240 AUD(!)  including GST. Freight is not included. I need to get a quote from them.



The engine has developed bad reputation recently due to series of in-flight failures. CASA got really concerned and imposed a bunch of restrictions on the aircrafts with this engine. Hopefully the issues will be resolved and the engine will worth consideration. Not at this stage though.

Not sure if anyone designed FWF kit for RV-12 with Jabiru. There are a few RV-12s flying with Jabiru in US. So potentially Jabiru can be a good alternative.

Low hours second-hand Jabiru 3300 (120HP) costs around $12000 – $14000 AUD

Engine weight 84kg

Update October 2015.

With Australian dollar steadily going down passing 0.7 mark, I’m starting looking into Jabiru 3300 option more seriously.
It looks like all the engine’s shortcomings can be dealt with. Good people from Rotec developed the solution for 3 major issues:
1. Rear cylinders’ cooling problem has been addressed with water-cooled heads
2. Cold start issue has been fixed by replacing one of the magnetos with electronic ignition.
3. Somewhat anemic 15A alternator  can be replaced with 40A car alternator with the upgrade kit developed by Rotec.

Details are here: http://www.rotecaerosport.com/products/

Interesting and scary reading: http://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-532232.html


There is a modification of the Jabiru engine manufactured by another company – CAMIT – http://camitaeroengines.net/
It looks exactly the same. It has better alternator, different alloy for heads and has a few other improvements.

Price for the 6 cyl 120HP engine is $18000 AUD – very nice!


Continental O-200

Good old proven certified engine. Large secondhand market. Not sure about FWF kit availability

Electronic injection version available – IOL-200

Power: 100HP

Weight: 77kg (dry, no accessories)

Price: ???


Continental O-240

Good old proven certified engine developed in 1971. Large secondhand market. Not sure about FWF kit availability

Electronic injection version available – IO-240

Power: 125HP

Weight: 116kg (dry, no accessories)

Price: ???


Lycoming O-235

Another good old certified engine. Large secondhand market.

Power: 120HP

Weight 109kg (dry, no accessories)



Rotax 912 ULS

In order to be fair and consistent in my analysis of the engine options I’m including the “recommended” option here.

Rotax 912ULS is certainly a great 100HP engine with huge number of them flying and great reliability records. Well, hence the price.

Engine itself costs $18000 USD

VANs package with FWF and all the mounting and wiring stuff costs $28730 USD

Engine weight: 56.6 kg