Engine mounts

At this stage I dont know which engine I’m going to use. Most likely 6-cyl Jabiru

Regardless, I’d like to reinforce the engine mounts as they look really weak to me. They certainly are weak for engines like Viking or O-200 that are 20kg heavier than Rotax 912.

So the plan is to reinforce the bottom mount with the doubler made of the mirrored parts of F-1217A tunnel ribs, just like here http://joesrv12.com/Builder%20Log/al_08_01.htm

The top mounts will be left as is.

To make the entire structure stronger I plan to put two brackets attached to fuselage longerons just like in the Viking-130 installation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Z6-n5UT24


Spoke to our technical counsellor about engine mounts. He thinks the reinforcement makes sense.

Today I’ve done a template for a bracket made of aluminium. Now I need to find strip of 4130 steel about an inch wide, a foot long and 0.1″ thick.

Also prepared the F-1217A doublers. Now I need to drill out the rivets on the engine brackets on the actual F-1217A ribs and match-drill the doublers.

Spent 3 hour



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