Tailcone – Side skins, tubing and wireing

Two things done today:

1. Clecoed the side skins and the rear bulkhead (the thing with lots of solid rivets)

DSCF5116 DSCF5113

2. Attached the static ports and all the tubing associated with them.
Static ports puzzled me a bit. First I could not find there the “Installing the Static Air System” instruction are. Then I found it on a separate sheet inside the bag with all the tubing and other static stuff. It didn’t make it better as the instructions were for RV6 or some other RV. Tube routing is completely different to the main instruction,  matching however, the HomebuildHELP video. I decided to stick to the main instruction as the vide might be outdated.
Instruction calls for removing the mandrel the static port rivet by punching it out. I don’t think it is good idea. The skin is to thin and it is too easy to damage it. So I came up with a simple device to push the mandrel out with the clamp.

DSCF5108 DSCF5104 DSCF5100 DSCF5099


Ran the trim wiring from the back of the plane all the way to the front and attached it to the frame with the cable ties. Not sure at the moment how I shall run the trim wire at the very back – inside the J-stiffener or over it. Running the wire inside may cause the end of the stiffener cutting through the wire eventually.

DSCF5120 DSCF5117

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