Tailcone – Little things

I was not happy about suggested routing for the trim wiring. It supposed to go inside the J-stiffener all the way to the end of it and bend over 90 degrees down over the sharp edge of the stiffener.

I believe it will not take long for the stiffener to cut trough the insulation of the wires and make the trim going crazy. It would be nasty experience in the air.

So I decided to run the wire over and along the stiffener between last two cable ties and also put it inside a cable protector tube (conduit)



Prepared the F-12106 Fwd Skin Rib and found that I’m short of one K1100-08 nutplate. Not sire why. I could have lost it or never received it. I did not count the little bits when I inventoried the stuff I received it from factory. Anyway, I need to buy one. Aircraft Spruce has them but charges 60 bucks for delivery. I found a shop in UK that is a bit cheaper and charges 9 pounds for delivery of a dozen of nutplates and screws.
For now the rib is ready it just has one nutplate missing. I can install it later even after the rib is on the skin.


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