Wings access panels

Installed access/inspection panels under the landing light opening.

the main reason is that the lens supplied by VANS is too thick and stiff. It didnt feel safe to bend it to insert via landing light opening. so I cut an access hatch of the same shape and size as the one under the stall warning.

After two attempts and two weekends, I’ve got it installed.

Material = 2024-T3 sheet. Thickness 0.025″ for both panel and the doubler.

It turned out that K1100-06 nutplates are hard to find in Australia. Funny thing is that the matching  screws are available.
So I had to order nutplates from VANs along with a few CS4-4 rivets


Spent 20 hours

IMG_3263 IMG_3262 IMG_3259 IMG_3258 IMG_3256 IMG_3255 IMG_3252 IMG_3249 IMG_3211

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