Tailcone – All skins are on

Before staring riveting I checked how the edge of the F-1279 skins meet the the skin it overlays on. It looked OK unriveted. The plans do not call for bending the edges inwards the same way it is done on other skins. I checked the VAF forum and found that most of builders actually bend (break) the edge. Someone even called VANs and confirm that there is an omission in the plans.

So I had to take the skins off, break the edges and put them back on. Now it is OK for riveting.

Got my family involved in building the plane

IMG_8412 IMG_1670

Here it is free of clecos and full of rivets



Here goes the top skin with the front rib and stiffener and F-00009-L & -R ADAHRS Brackets

DSCF5158 DSCF5159 DSCF5161


And here we have Section 10 completed. Finally!!!

DSCF5168 DSCF5162


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