Horizontal Stab – Anti-Servo – Riveting

DSCF4940Had very little time for building tonight

Riveted top skin to the ribs and clecoed the top part of the font spar.

Had to change the sequence of the operations. The assembly manual calls for riveting the top  of the skin to the ribs first and than attaching the control horns. The control horns attached to the inner rib with the solid rivets. It would be very awkward to squeeze the rivets with the ribs attached to the skin, – everything is so small and tight there. Ensuring the quality of the rivet work would be also problematic. So I riveted the horns to the ribs before attaching the ribs to the skin. Worked perfectly. Had to use the wedge tool for the front-most blind rivet, but that was it.

Hope to finish the anti-servo tab tomorrow.

Spend 1 hour

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