Fuselage – Control column mount

Prepared the Control column mount components along with some other small bits.

Riveted the Control column mount bits together.

Double flush riveting represented a bit of a challenge. The AN426AD4-6 rivets are a bit too long to form a nice flush shop head, no matter how persuasive you are with the rivet squeezer. Excessive squeezing deforms the parts a little bit.

DSCF5308 DSCF5307

Half way through the first bracket I decided to cut about 1.2-1.5mm of the rivets and it all become so much easier and nicer. The shopheads of the rivets that were squeezed without cutting them had to be shaved a bit to be flush with the surface. At this stage I’m not sure how important it is for the rivets to be flush with the surface of the brackets. I suspect it doesn’t matter if the shophead protrudes a bit, but I shaved it anyway. It just looks nicer.

Started preparing the F-1203A bulkhead. There are so many holes!

Spend 4 hours

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