Fuselage – Baggage floor – Bulkhead and ribs

Riveted F-1206A to the rest of the assembly along with small ribs. Attached nutplates to 1206G and 1206H and other parts of the floor.

Manufactured bearing bracket angles F-1206J. these are new addition to the kit as per SERVICE BULLETIN 14-12-06

Basically have done first half of the page 21-03.

DSCF5246 DSCF5248 DSCF5249 DSCF5250 DSCF5247


Interesting thing about AB4-6 rivets. The tail of the mandrel comes off really easily, it doesn’t get locked inside like it happens for LP4-3. So the rivet becomes hollow.

DSCF5261 DSCF5263


Spend 3 hours.

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