Fuel lines started

Couple of weeks ago I have ordered a nice flaring tool and a pipe bending tool from US – turned out to be cheaper than buying this stuff in Australia.

It arrived on Friday and I though I’ll give it a shot today with building fuel lines.

It turned out to be harder than I thought.

To cut long story short I had to make one of the lines twice because I ruined the first one I made. So now i need to buy some extra 3/8″ tubing.

The tubing that comes with the kit is the soft 3003-0 type that VANS refers as ATO-035X3/8 and ATO-032X1/4. I couldn’t  find any of this type in Australia. However I can get 5052-0 type tubes of the same diameter and it seems that it is much more preferable option. The problem is the supplier has “$100 minimum order rule”, so at $4/ft I’ll end up with a lot of extra tubing. 🙂

Anyway I managed to fabricate and fit F-1259E Pump-to-Valve fuel line.

I also found that 3 of AN816-6d fittings are missing.

Funny thing is I found an extra AN818-6D nut in the BAG 2708-2 without matching sleeve.


So I need to buy those missing fittings too. I asked Vans support how much would it cost to buy this missing bit from them. Will wait for their reply.

So fuel lines are on hold for now.

I spent 4 hours working on these stupid fuel lines!


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