Empennage – Trim servo Molex connector

Page 11-07

I had about an hour to attach the Molex-mini connector to the bunch of wires sticking out of the servo.

The 5 wires that control servo are so thin! I’m not sure how the handle the current drawn by the servo when it moves the controls.
Another thing – the wires are loose – not protected by anything that would hold them together. So I put up a heat-shrink tube on them and an extra tube where the wires go through the hole in the trim bracket.

Crimping the tiny pins represented a challenge. My eyes are not good for this stuff anymore. Not sure why they used Molex-mini. It is so tiny. Larger one would be some much easier to work with and not much extra weight. Hope this one is as reliable as anything else.

I plan to hook up a battery to the servo do a test run on it to ensure correct wiring and connector reliability.


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