Empennage – Fitting antiservo tabs – First screw-up

Weird stuff.

Right AST panel appears to be screwed. Literally.

Trailing edges of the left and rights ASTs do not line-up in the middle, while outer trailing edges line-up with the stabilator trailing edge perfectly.

It looks like the right AST panel twisted by about 1.5 degrees up in the inward side (where control horn attached. I don’t understand how could it happen. The assembly process is so simple and fully relies on the computer pre-drilled holes.

Not sure what shall I do with it.

I can certainly order replacement parts and re-do the panel, paying very close attention to its geometry.

Maybe it is fixable. maybe I should not bother about it. I need to ask around

DSCF5191-Edit DSCF5188-Edit DSCF5183 DSCF5187




A have contacted VANs and spoken to a few builders. They all said that it is OK to leave it and move on. However if it bothers me too much I can drill out all the rivets, jig the the panel and re-rivet it.
So I did. Now it looks perfect.


Funny thing is – I went flying on one of the Warriors I usually hire and I had a close look at the AST tab there. It was twisted even more than my and LAME found it acceptable.
I think I worry too much about perfection.



Alert: Safety wires are not fitted to the hinge pins until the problem with the twisted AST panel resolved.